Inferno cleared before nerf patch 1.0.3 (A week late in updating).

Just a quick update on Diablo 3. I cleared Inferno last week before the nerf patch 1.0.3 came out. I killed Diablo with a wizard buddy of mine, even though it could be have been soloed. I soloed both Belial and Azmodan before the patch. After the patch, the game is comparatively easy now. I can fully clear all acts in Inferno solo with almost no deaths and that is not an exaggeration.

I am still updating my spreadsheet (even though there hasn’t been changes to any barbarian offensive skills). Here is a screen shot of the Inferno clear achievement.



Quick Update on Diablo 3 progress.

Just a quick update on my progress in Diablo 3. As of now I have finished the first 3 difficulties of the game Normal, Nightmare and Hell. I just started Inferno and presently I am in the 6th quest of Act 1 (Broken Blade) after killing the Skeleton King. It’s getting tougher now. Looking forward to great challenges ahead.


P.S. – The Barbarian calculator has been updated to Version 1.03. Check the following link.




Barbarian calculator now live!

The Barbarian calculator (spreadsheet) is now live. Have a look at it. I plan on updating it quite often once Diablo 3 launches. The latest version (ver. 1.03) can be found at

Welcome to my Diablo 3 blog

Hi, this is Drsniper. I am a mathematician by profession, however I love playing video games. I specifically love games which involve lots of theory crafting in order to succeed. I used to play (still play, but not much) a hunter in World of Warcraft in a top 100 US guild called Foundation on the US server Boulderfist. Right now my plan is to play Diablo 3 seriously and try to clear Inferno as soon as possible. This blog will detail my journey towards it.

I plan to roll a Barbarian to begin with. I have extensively researched the class in the beta and plan on clearing Inferno with it.