Barbarian Calculator

I have created a calculator(spreadsheet) for the Barbarian which helps in determining the various skill damage(along with the different runes) and also helps in comparing different items and their effects on weapon damage and DPS. Here is the latest version of the spreadsheet.

Version 1.03 – 5/18/2012

Changes from Ver 1.02 – 1.03

  • Changed the damage equivalent of the skill Earthquake from 200% to 2000% base damage (I thought it was error on the Diablo 3 page, but apparently it’s not and it indeed does that much of damage)

Changes from Ver 1.01 – 1.02

  • Changed the height of the row which contains the 6th active skill in the “Barb_Skill_Damage_Calculation” worksheet, so that the entire text could fit in it.

Any comments, suggestions, bug reports are welcome.


7 responses

  1. Thanks for the calculator! Can you give suggestions on how you’ll spec to level fastest?

    1. At the moment, I don’t have any specific builds. For normal, I don’t think it will be very hard so there will be a big room for error as far as builds go. The real game starts after normal imo. If you just want to level fastest, I would say concentrate on items which will have +Experience affixes.

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  3. great stuff dude. is it possible for you to convert the file so that it’s possible to open with Numbers.

    1. I am not used to Mac and Numbers, so I don’t think it will be possible to convert it from Excel to Numbers. You could try to run Windows inside Mac and use Excel from there.

  4. I use Open Office to open this file and the “Input Char Attb.” button simply does not show up. What do I have to change so that I can see it?

    1. I don’t think it will work with Open Office, I wrote it in Microsoft Excel with macros and most of the time macros written in Excel don’t work with Open Office or Numbers. Sorry about that 😦

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